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  • Some say beauty is a quest to die for – and how true it is. To attain the socially expected body size, many women would resort to harmful methods to lose weight. For example, some would binge on food and hide in the toilet to forcibly throw up what they had eaten. This is a destructive and terribly wrong weight loss method. Not only will the gastric juice damage the throat and teeth, you will also suffer from anorexia!
  • “I eat very little, but I’m still fat!” – Some of your friends do not seem to put on weight regardless of how much they eat. But no matter how little you eat, you just cannot slim down.
  • Women on diet abstain from all sweet foods, especially chocolate. But in fact, losing weight can be easier. Now, there is a way for you reduce that waistline while indulging your appetite for chocolate.

Obesity has been a perennial problem for most of us. Everyone is working hard to shed weight. Some spend a bomb but see no results; some did lose some pounds, but only to see their weight rebound shortly. Weight loss is not just a pursuit for beauty, but also for good health. Geneva is introducing the enhanced 2nd Generation Slimming Acupoint Massage that requires massage on certain acupoints by hand to eliminate fat stored in areas of the body that lack exercise, including the waist, tummy, thighs and hips. Most importantly, this weight loss programme is healthy and will stop the weight from piling back on. Geneva Slimming Acupoint Massage helps improve blood circulation and boosts metabolism to attain the ultimate goal of fat removal. Using this non-dieting approach, you can slim down healthily and not harm your body.

Apart from slimming, acupoint massage also works effectively to help women suffering from menstrual cramps and irregular menstruation. Many office ladies and women who are approaching menopause see this massage as a way to maintain good health. Many customers who have undergone acupoint massage find it relaxing and refreshing and remark that it has even improved their sleep and relieved their constipation.

Geneva’s slimming acupoint massage for new customers has received raving reviews. This therapy is suitable for busy urbanites who want to slim down, relieve body aches and make up for the lack of exercise. Slimming acupoint massage is one of Geneva’s effective natural slimming wonders that help you to lose inches without injection or drugs.

Get rid of postnatal fat, water retention
In order to have healthy babies, pregnant women would eat whatever they could to nourish their bodies. Survey shows that 65% of pregnant women would eat on average four to six meals a day, and over 85% of them would be overweight in the last trimester. During the postnatal confinement period, they would eat even more, inevitably leading to postnatal weight gain. But slimming acupoint massage can solve your problem. By massaging specific acupoints, Geneva’s professional therapists are able to help postpartum women get rid of water retention and bloating, promote blood circulation and improve the condition of the lower body effectively.


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