What is SPL Photon Light Treatment?

It is the latest skincare technology that uses colour and light to solve all types of skin problems from dry, lifeless skin and premature wrinkles to whiteheads, blackheads, persistent acne and even genetic pigmentation,

Since ancient times, colour therapy has been a well-respected holistic method of treatment. Today, global research fully justifies the application of coloured light in many skin disorders, and it is widely regarded as safe as well as complementary to other therapeutic skincare systems.

For example, an outbreak of pimples usually signifies the skin’s need for the beneficial application of green light, a wavelength noted for its remarkable healing influence in the upper dermis and underlying subcutaneous skin tissues.

Very Effective
This advanced equipment combines three types of the very latest therapeutic technology:
• Photon Light (Soft Light) –– to activate skin cells.
• Bio-Wave –– to delay ageing, effectively firm-up sagging skin and erase the signs of time.
• Pure 24k Gold Foil – penetrates natural minerals directly into the skin’s deepest levels –– outer, middle and inner –– to improve your skin’s moisture absorption and prevent moisture loss.

SPL Photon Light treatment uses soft, harmless photon light to directly activate skin cells without need for other therapeutic systems or healing methods and without side-effects.

Activates Skin Cells
This treatment is very effective for anti-ageing, the lifting and firming-up of sagging skin, trimming a double-chin and tightening cheek muscles to make you look years younger

Effectively solves:
• Pigmentation
• Freckles
• Age spots
• Oily skin
• Dry, rough skin
• Acne scars
• Fights signs of ageing & wrinkles

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