Spa Reflexing


Bath de la crème

A delightful goat milk bath treatment to revive your soul and leave your skin feeling silky smooth, soft and fair.

Floral Bath

Uplift your senses and moisturise your skin with an extreme feeling of relaxed wellbeing.

Fruit of the Sea

Immerse your cares in the warmth of aromatic marine water, with a blended orange, lemon and grapefruit sea salt scrub to lovingly exfoliate dry and scaly skin, followed by fragrant moisturising lotions to leave your skin glowing with vitality.

Divine Touch

Pampered luxury begins with a citrus soak, mud mask or lavender paraffin wrap. Your hands are then gently kneaded and given a reflexology massage, complemented with rich, repairing moisturisers including Vitamin E and Jojoba. Nails are then carefully polished to silky smooth perfection.

Foot Loose

An indulgent moisturising treatment to re-energise your feet with a relieving therapeutic massage followed by a pampering pedicure and a fresh shape and polish.

Foot Spa

Foot Reflex Spa

Herbal Bath

Enhance your sense of well-being and relax and pamper your entire body, mind and soul.

Hydro Bath Therapy

Relax tense muscles and improve blood circulation with this luke-warm aromatic bath.

White Goddess Milk Bath

Soak yourself in a bath of pure milk and imagine the luxurious life of Queen Cleopatra.

Peppermint Steam Bath

An uplifting experience that aids detoxification and helps to reduce sinus problems.


Shiatsu Massage

Based on the ancient Japanese concept of re-establishing the flow of “Qi” (meaning energy) bu unblocking all meridian points, using pressure points in the body, this moderate-to-deep massage refreshes the whole body.

Aromatherapy Massage

With the help of therapeutic blended oils, this relaxing Sromatheraphy massage can ease pain or tension, boost blood circulation, and eliminate toxins bringing a balance between the physical body and underlying emotions and break the cycle of tension between mind body.

Swedish Massage

Melt away tension and induce deep relaxation and rejuvenation. The most familiar of all massage techniques in the west, it works on the principles of rhythmic flowing strokes.

Hot Stone Massage

Experience the deeply relaxing, penetrating heat from the volcanic pumice stones to heal and balance the Yin and Yang enegies within the body. Long flowing strokes relieve muscle tension, increase body metabolism and soothe your mind leaving you in a tranquil sense of well being.

Lymphatic Body Massage

Lymphatic massage is a massage form that addresses the fluid bodu. It is a deeply relaxing technique that gently pumps, imitating the body’s way of moving fluids. Relax into the light touch and feel your body return to its most natural rhythms.

Head & Shoulder Massage

Unwind from the day’s fatigue with a head & shoulder massage to relax and immerse your soul in a state of divine sensuality

Simply Heaven Head Massage

De-stress and soothe your pain and discomfort with our exclusive non-oily head massage that focuses on headaches, migraine, insomnia and giddiness.

Pre-Natal Massage

A therapeutic and relaxing pre-natal massage–with total body support–to reduce the discomforts associated with pregnancy such as neck, back and joint pain. It is ideal for soothing muscle spasms and cramps and improving the circulation of both mother and baby.

Post-Natal Massage