Acupoint Slimming

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2nd-Generation Slimming Acupoint Massage

Targeting the different acupoints in your body, acupressure is applied to stimulate healing, relieve symptoms and slim down.

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USA RHO 100% Organic Rose Hip Bust Enhancement

Formulated from 100% natural ingredients, USA 100% Organic Rose Hip Bust Enhancement contains Vitamin A, C and natural tretinoin (Vitamin A derivative), to delay skin ageing, increase elastin and collagen for firmer breasts.

Geneva Aroma Massages

Awaken feelings of deepest bliss with our blend of warm aromatherapy oils applied with loving skill and combined with gentle stress-relieving massage to leave your mind, body and soul in total balance and harmony.

Swiss Aroma Massage

Gently soothe away tension, relax your mind and feel the profound inner peace that only the spiritual unity of all your senses can bring.

Velvety Moment

A soothing, relaxing and manual lymphatic drainage treatment to detoxify your entire system and enhance immunity. It gently unblocks the lymph nodes, and cleanses body tissues by removing excess fluid, toxins, bacteria and metabolic wastes. It is ideal for alleviating pain and stress, and speeding up healing from injuries.

Beauty Secret Body Detox Mineral Wrap

A wonderfully relaxing treatment for over-stressed and fatigued working ladies. It provides body detoxification, relieves muscle aches and joint pains, reduces cellulite, stretch marks, water retention and body fat, slims and firms body contours, and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.

Body Scrub Choices:

  • Javanese Lurlur
  • Javanese Boreh
  • Mineral Mud Body Mask
  • Awakening Rose Scrub