Face Treatment

There’s a saying “God gave woman a face, and it was crafted after that of angels!“
However, it seems that only babies have flawless skin. Your skin starts to rebel once you reach adolescence, breaking out in pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, dryness and all kinds of other skin problems, driving you to your wits’ end. Before long, you’ll be shouting for SOS!

Want to solve your skin problems and regain baby-soft, flawless skin?
Have you heard of Geneva’s amazing enzyme treatment?

Acupoint Slimming

Too Fat? Fat Tummy? Big Arms? fat Thighs?
Slim down with our Acupoint Slimming Treatment, The treatment is based on the meridian theory of the TCM that requires No Pills, No Injection & No Surgery while achieving weight loss with ease.
With Acupoint Slimming Treatment our body pressure points are stimulated, extracting impurities and metabolites so as to attain good health and weight loss.


Spa Reflexing

With the help of therapeutic blended oils, this relaxing Aromatherapy massage can ease pain or tension, boost blood circulation, and eliminate toxins bringing a balance between the physical body and underlying emotions and break the cycle of tension between mind body…