Enzyme is nature’s healer

Living things cannot survive without enzymes. Insufficient enzymes lead to poor health. As such, humans cannot do without enzymes!

Perhaps you’re not familiar with enzymes. However, they are the basis of life and health.

Highly stable in nature, enzymes stimulate and control the functioning of the human body. They digest and transform food into nutrients for easy absorption. These in turn synthesise, strengthen and repair cells, promoting proper body function. Furthermore, enzymes improve immunity and promote healing.

More than 90% of our bodily cell protein is made up of enzymes. Enzymes decode DNA, delivering the decoded message to your cell protein, to maintain normal metabolism. However, enzyme protein depletes with age, affecting your body functions and skin health. Hence, to remain in optimum health and stay youthful, it is important to replenish your body’s enzymes.

7 Functions of enzymes on the human body

1. Bolster wellness and improves immunity. Enzyme transform acidic substances to healthy alkaline form. They maintain smooth body functions, eliminate foreign matter, maintain intestinal bacterial balance, strengthen cellular function, help digestion and improve immunity to bacteria. Overall, enzymes strengten and promote harmony in the body and prevent illnesses.

2. Soothe imflammation, fights bacteria. Enzyme condition hair, strengthen white blood cell function, clear up viruses and pus. Possessing anti-viral properties, enzymes increase the anti-viral effects of white blood cells, which is beneficial in fighting inflammation.

3. Digestion. Enzyme break down and digest food. They also speed up the absoprtion of nutrients, to maintain optimum health and well-being. Enzyme break down accumulated waste matter and toxins in the blood, to return your body to its healthy state.

4. Blood cleansing. Enzyme purge the blood of toxins, fats and unhealthy cholesterol that originate from unhealthy diets, environmental pollution and chemical substances. Enzyme cleansing activity clears up blood vessels, renews vessel elasticity and promotes blood circulation.

5. Reactivate cells. Enzyme promotes cellular growth and repair damaged cells, for maximum cellular health, supple skin, optimum energy and to fight aging.

6. Boost metabolism. Enzyme boost metabolism, to purge the body of waste matter and normalise metabolic function, for healthy and beautiful results.

7. Promote wound healing. Enzyme promote immunity and self-healing. Without enzymes, wound healing will slow down and may even result in inflammation.

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