Beware! Late nights can give you belly fat!

Some women may look slim with almond-shaped faces and slender arms. But look a few inches down and you may notice a big and round paunch. Most people associate a paunch with over-eating and inadequate exercise. But this is not true. Many factors can cause a paunch to grow; and staying up late is one of them.

Night owls enjoy a good late-night supper, especially deep-fried food that contains high calories. They would sit down immediately after food and refuse to exercise. On top of that, inadequate sleep in the long run will also disrupt the endocrine system and biological system, and thereby obstruct the meridians and cause the metabolism to decline. When excess calories cannot be exhausted, they turn into fat and gets stored inside the body, especially in the belly. Before they know it, night owls have become “pot-bellied pigs”.

Do you want to ditch the unsightly belly? Aside from cutting down on late nights, you can also try out the popular slimming acupoint therapy.

Slimming acupoint therapy combines manual massage and natural herbal essence to achieve the ultimate goal of body slimming and toning. This perfect match can unblock the meridians, promote metabolism and blood circulation, and break down fat. Toxins and excess fat will also be excreted from the body the natural way.

Healthy slimming is not difficult at all, and natural slimming acupoint therapy makes you look slimmer every day. Say goodbye to that spare tyre and pot belly today!

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