Geneva, inventor of the unique slimming acupoint massage, was founded in Singapore in 2004 and had since opened five branches. Focusing on beauty and health, Geneva is committed to providing natural, effective and lasting beauty and slimming therapies. We combine the use of TCM and modern nanotechnology that requires no surgery, dieting or exercise. We have helped countless customers shape their bodies and regain good health to maintain a balance of the heart, soul and body.

Background of Geneva:
We find that many people these days are leading an unhealthy lifestyle. With stress from family, work and interpersonal relationships, aggravated by late nights and irregular meals, their bodies are sending out warning signals to remind them it is now or never to start taking care of their health.

The Inner Canon Of The Yellow Emperor, an ancient Chinese medical encyclopaedia, highlights the importance of the meridians to the human body. It states that “life and ailments stem from the meridians, and so does the cures”, and also “regulate the body and unblock the meridians to heal one of all illnesses”. Life and death is closely associated with the unobstructed flow and health of the meridians. Nourishments for the vital energy needed for our organs to function are transported by the meridians to our organs. If the meridians are blocked, organs will malfunction and trigger pains. As the theory goes, unblock the blocked or else pain will rise.

To offer effective slimming acupoint therapy, we travelled afar to China to learn from the masters and brought back with us an advanced aesthetic technology that is unique in Singapore – the slimming acupoint and beauty therapy. This therapy combines Western biotechnology with the five-element medical science that has been practised in China for the past 5,000 years. It is a slimming and aesthetic device that focuses on the energy needed by the human body, organs, meridians and bone marrow. In conjunction with natural herbal essence and manual massage to unblock the meridians throughout the body, it helps customers to replenish energy and get rid of the bad energy, so as to promote full-body metabolism, purge toxins and relieve water retention. It can combat postnatal weight gain and regional fat, improve sleep, ease stomach bloating and move the bowels. By regulating the body from inside out, it allows you to stay light and beautiful effectively.

Apart from this, slimming acupoint and beauty therapy is also a natural way to prevent your body from regaining the lost weight. By unblocking the meridians, it can rapidly erase excess fat, purge long-accumulated toxins and ease water retention. It can also reinforce metabolism of the organs and convert the consumed food into energy and blood before it becomes fat. This effectively combats postnatal weight gain and regional fat placement. No surgery, no dieting and no exercise, and you can easily drop 10kg and keep it that way forever.

We will help you measure and identify your psychophysical wellbeing. As part of our service, we will guide you through the “Emotional Wellness Therapy” to effectively regulate and enhance your overall psychophysical wellbeing. Besides helping you to moderate your health, we will also provide guidance for your body and heart to give you perfect wellness. Through the “Emotional Wellness Therapy”, we hope that you could prevent your body functions from declining, stay happy, lead a carefree life, build up your physical health and maintain regular body functions.
Apart from receiving effective therapy to maintain a clean bill of health, you must also be aware that prevention is better than cure. Diseases are a result of your lifestyle, character, habits, body constitution, genes and the environment. Therefore you must take note of your diet and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.